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Fair Harbour welcomes goal oriented junior and amateur hunter, jumper and equitation riders of all levels, from crossrails to as high as you want to jump! Our smaller size allows us to truly tailor individualized programs for both horse and rider. The Farm offers standard board which includes high quality feed and hay fed 4 times daily, daily turnout, stall cleaning, blanketing and booting, feeding owner provided supplements, and basic stable supplies. Services available include lessons and training rides, offered by Dina Mazzola and Sue Lohrer, and clipping, grooming, tack up and other services offered by Fair Harbour staff. Fair Harbour trainers keep an exercise and training schedule for each horse and all routine farrier, dentist, and veterinary care is scheduled by our staff. Lessons on your own horse are either private or semi private and are scheduled in 45 minute sessions. We have some availability for lessons for those who do not currently have their own horse or would like to try a lesson with Dina. Ship in customers are always welcome, although a small additional fee applies. Please inquire to set up times.

‚ÄčSending Your Horse
Fair Harbour also offers boarding for young horses in training, and boarding for sales horses currently being marketed. Training or Sales Board include high quality feed and hay feed 4 times daily, daily turnout, stall cleaning, blanketing and booting, feeding owner provided supplements, basic stable supplies, trimming and mane pulling, as well as a full program of riding and training. Please contact us for more details if you would like to send your young horse for starting or training, or have a horse you would like us to help you sell, and we can help you determine the best option for you and your horse.

Showing With Us
Horse shows should be fun events. While we recognize that not all riders have competitive goals, Fair Harbour does actively participate in horse showing, and encourages horse showing as a means to demonstrate your riding achievements. Our training objective is to make horse showing as fun and as successful as possible for each and every one of our riders. Our show schedule includes a nice mix of quality rated local shows, as well as USEF A and AA shows, allowing our horses and riders to develop valuable experience at reasonably priced venues in preparation for testing their skills against the best.